Creativity counts

CEO Middle East meets HCP Architecture & Engineering board member Marcello Rodriguez Pons who explains why the architectural firm sees growth amid the slowdown in the Gulf.

With Latin “blood” and German “order”, based in Malaga, Spain for the last seven years Marcello Rodriguez Pons, born in Argentina, is an architect and urban planner who successfully designs and develops master plans for towns and new cities, and creates individual buildings as components within these.
For that to be achieved the general focus of the design has to balance the social, environmental, engineering and economic needs of each project.
He is board member of HCP Architecture & Engineering which develops architectural and urban planning projects and construction for the entire world, putting into practice a comprehensive style of working, resolving projects of different sizes and styles from the very beginning to the end. For that, professionals with vast experience are needed so as to achieve excellent results regardless of the complexities of the given situation.
Why do you think you have been successful as an architect?
Success is something difficult to define and measure for me as an architect; I leave this word for journalists and critics. I prefer to put things on another way, simply by defining the way I understand our work and role as designers in architecture, which is something people like and feel comfortable with. I imagine the space I’m designing, how light affects it during the days and the seasons, how people would use it naturally without being forced to, that all gives me a lot of elements to polish the project and draft better and better solutions. The only key for the success you are mentioning is work, work and work.