World Architecture Community Awards – New York

The World Architecture Community (New York) has made the “shortlist selection” of the best architects and their work in 2015 for its 22nd cycle. Some of the renowned architects nominees are Paul Raff Studio (Canada), Kikuma Watanabe (Japan), Margot Krasojevic (England), Sabri Pasayigit (Turkey), Sanjay Puri (India), and Marcello Rodriguez Pons (Argentina). See full list at:
The evaluation criteria is NOVELTY, ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY in design that reflect and inspire a commitment to the art of architecture are the major criteria. World Architecture Community tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice; thus the architect’s explanations and member’s discussions on submissions will be critical for recognition as much as the design itself. Please vote your preffered one!! The final winner will be announced in New York on January the 31st 2016.