The Valle Patagonia Polo Club + Boutique Hotel is the main architecture development inside a bigger master plan called Valle Patagonia of 264 hectares in the Chilean Patagonia , also designed by Rodriguez Pons & Partners,

surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, with medium to high-end residential units and the most complete services and infrastructure including social and sports activities.

The program, unlike a typical hospitality building with social activities + hotel rooms, additionally incorporates club house activities. Both programs have been merged and integrated giving multiple internal / external connections and control areas.

The building shape has been materialized as two strips which have been elevated at one end each, alternatively. Then, both strips were displaced and bent to create a very interesting internal multiple height level, and at the same time, give external tension and strong view from the outdoor. The whole patio was covered with a local wooden roof, glassed at certain points, sun protected with wooden blinds. An interesting issue is the views you have from the elevated pool area, on the first floor, overlooking the stands to the polo area, as well as the snowcapped peaks to the east.

The overall image of the project is a low rise white curved building, contrasting with the dark wooden roof, openings and detailing, merged into the natural beauty of the virgin forest site with the Osorno Volcano on the background.