Rodriguez Pons & Partners designs MAPP – MARINAS of PUNTA PIEDRA in Uruguay

After winning international design competition, Marcello Rodriguez Pons and his team have finished the final design for MAPP – MARINAS of PUNTA PIEDRA, a 91 hectares masterplan extension of the Carmelo town in Uruguay. This will be the “ideal” human scale waterfront micro-city, 100% ecologically oriented with plug-in services transport for electrical vehicles (EV city)

This new smart city, is an “ecological waterfront micro-city” integrated into the nature of the Rio de la Plata (silver river in eng.), with the best features for a human scale city, sustainable design and a modern architectural image for a waterfront new development.

MARINAS of PUNTA PIEDRA will be developed on a fraction of land in the southern sector of Carmelo, a town on the banks of the Río de la Plata, in western Uruguay. The master plan is very respectful of the local topography, water influences (rains and tides) and plants (eucalyptus forest at the east & the west mangroves by the river) and has adapted itself to preserve and enhance them, thus providing the maximum functionality / flexibility for the XXI century living requirements; all of it designed with rigorous rationality and adjusted to a viable budget and execution. An integrated design has been made, an approach of the “MASTER PLAN AS A WHOLE“. This is an essential approach to realizing the benefits of sustainable design and future construction. To this end, a number of conceptual projects have been developed for some of its future buildings and components. Energy efficiency, durability, environmental qualities, construction and operating systems work simultaneously to optimize the performance and quality of the whole as well as of each one of the buildings.

MARINAS of PUNTA PIEDRA’s project is organized from a central elliptical boulevard which has been called “the Gran Via” which runs through the entire enterprise from northeast to southwest. Along this oval shape we have structured a vision process, and set a goal of creating some great destinations along the entire waterfront like the yacht club, the marina, residences, offices, commercial, promenade, parkings, lighthouse, parks & beaches. The oval is “crowned” by two iconic structures which will to be the new symbol of the of Carmelo town seen from the boats arriving from the river entering the marina and will achieve flexibility and public-spirited presence in the structures itself with the commercial center on the ground floor, green rooftop and waterfront access.

MARINAS of PUNTA PIEDRA will allow the public to enjoy with their families in a privileged and unique natural environment, tasteful and with world class services. This will be a new mixed uses micro-city of where they will be able to work, make purchases, have a pleasant moment, enjoy gastronomy and / or have your apartment or house in an environment with a marina, with areas of natural forest and a nature reserve by the Rio de la Plata on the west coast of Uruguay.