ACRA TOWERS will be the highest skyscrapers in Europe

The ACRA Towers designed by Rodriguez Pons & Partners are a landmark multi-use skyscrapers being the centerpiece of the Adriatic Casino & Resort Albania (ACRA) development boasting with its 75 floors to be one of the tallest towers in Europe, if not the highest.

The ACRA Towers have an elliptical faceted exoskeleton design for the buildings layout, and adopt a double curvature diagonal-grid column system for the elevation. This external double curvature “diagrid” column frame and central concrete core provide both gravity and lateral resistance so occupants in the top floors remain comfortable during storms. Architects & Engineers developed together the effective geometry of the diagrid structure through extensive computational model analysis. An elliptical form typically requires the greatest overturning resistance at the narrow ends. The diagrid redirects high-demand lateral loads away from the ends of the building, making it possible to introduce open atriums at the building’s narrow ends.